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Our commitment to you, is to deliver the highest quality services at the most competitive prices available. Our focus is on establishing long-lasting customer relationships by exceeding expectations, offering the best, most innovative solutions and reliable scheduling.

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Ron Goans Floor Finishing, Inc. (RGFF, INC.) has been in business since 1983. We are dedicated to providing top-quality workmanship at competitive prices. Our focus is on creating long-lasting customer relationships and exceeding expectations, by delivering the ABSOLUTE BEST Service, accurate, reliable scheduling and the most affordable solutions.

Quality Workmanship

We are committed to delivering the highest quality services at the most competitive prices!

Always On Time

We are focused on establishing long-lasting relationships and offering the most reliable scheduling!

Reliable & Experienced

Our team is prompt, diligent, considerate, highly qualified, educated and trustworthy!

Professional Solutions

We offer the most innovative solutions and advanced services to acheive the desired results!


Our Services


Diamond Grinding prepares the concrete for coating. It removes rough spots, contaminants, and older coatings. It does not generate hazardous waste or damage the concrete and creates a perfect surface for coating.

When performed properly, diamond grinding is the least damaging preparation method for your concrete and the ideal prep solution for epoxy floors.

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Our Services


Shot Blasting is used when a floor is in need of major repairs and resurfacing.

The process involves throwing steel shot directly on the concrete, and mimics sand blasting in order to level off the floor, remove stains and markings. The process leaves aggressive profiles which allow for floors that are 1/8" or thicker to bond properly to the concrete surface.

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Our Services


Once your floor has been prepared properly, and is ready for finishing, stains or colors can be applied to make your floor look absolutely stunning!

The final steps in our process consist of an extensive polishing to really bring out an amazing showroom shine, followed by our special burnishing to lock in the polish.

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Examples Of Our Work

Ron Goans Floor Finishing, Inc. (RGFF, INC.) has been in floor refinishing and restoration business since 1983. We have provided countless solutions to a number of satisfied customers. Below are just a few examples of our workmanship ...

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